URGENT: possible impact on the southern pole of Jupiter?

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if you have access to a telescope you should know that an amateur astronomer in Australia reported the observations of a scare on the atmosphere of Jupiter which could be resulting from an impact with an asteroid.Additional observations are needed to confirm it especially in the NIR (Methane band) and multi-color in visible. You can have a look on the image and the time of the observation in http://www.acquerra.com.au/astro/ObsReport/jupiter-impact.html

It looks convincing to me (it really looks like the SL9 impact scare) but I am not a specialist of this field.

I am attaching the image taken by Anthony Wesley, the Australian amateur astronomer, who reported this possible rare event.



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Dr. Franck Marchis is a Senior Researcher and Chair of the Exoplanet Group at the Carl Sagan Center of the SETI Institute since July 2007. Over the past 19 years, he has dedicated his research to the study of our solar system, specifically the search for asteroids with moons, using mainly ground-based telescopes equipped with adaptive optics. More recently, he has been also involved in the definition of new generation of AOs for 8 -10 m class telescopes and future Extremely Large Telescopes. He has developed algorithms to process and enhance the quality of images, both astronomical and biological. His currently involved in the Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey, which consists in imaging exoplanets using an extreme AO system for the Gemini South telescope. This new instrument is capable of imaging and recording spectra of young Jupiter-like exoplanets orbiting around nearby stars.

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