Fall is here!
Published 10/2/2009 in Amber Straughn Author astraughn
After spending six years in the desert (Arizona) in grad school, I am totally loving living in a place with seasons again. I've lived in Maryland for a little over a year now, and am just as excited about fall this year as I was last year. You see, it's still 100+ in Phoenix, which I don't miss at all (the heat at least, although I do miss my grad school buddies alot). I grew up in Arkansas, where we got four seasons and the trees changed color in the fall, so I guess Maryland feels more like home.... read more ❯

I am back... about STS-125 the final Service Mission to Hubble
Published 6/5/2009 in Franck Marchis Blog Author Franck Marchis
Hello, Sorry again for the last 2 weeks. I was in short vacation in Berlin (4 days) and then went to the ESO OPC meeting near Munich. I will go back to that meeting in my future posts. Today I wanted to talk a bit more about the STS-125 which aimed at upgrading the HST. As you know reading my previous posts (here and here) and watching the news, the Atlantis shuttle was launched on May 11 with a crew of astronauts trained to upgrade and fix the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). This complex mission is summarized in this accurate wikipedia... read more ❯

HST is now docked to the Atlantis shuttle
Published 5/13/2009 in Franck Marchis Blog Author Franck Marchis
I am watching on my iPhone NASA TV showing the Hubble Space Telescope being docked to the Atlantis shuttle. We are clearly living in the future, don't you think? Thanks to my colleague Marshall Perrin from UCLA for telling me about TVUPlayer, a useful tool to watch NASA TV on my phone. :-) I am attaching a few captured screen pictures in case you could not watch that. I must confess that I missed the part when the observatory was attached to Atlantis since I still have to read these ESO proposals :-) enjoy F. In this sequence of three images you can... read more ❯

Atlantis STS125 or the final visit to Hubble Space Telescope
Published 5/11/2009 in Franck Marchis Blog Author Franck Marchis
Right now, I am watching the launch of Atlantis Shuttle STS-125) in live on NASA TV. I rarely watch the launch of the shuttles mostly for lack of time and information about the goals of the mission, thus interest. This launch is  extremely important for astronomers since it is the 4th service mission (SM4) for the Hubble Space Telescope. It is also the final visit to this space telescope. This mission aims at installing 2 new instruments (WFC3 and COS), repairing 2 existing cameras (STIS and ACS) and updating the telescope with new gyroscopes (to position itself), new batteries, Fine Guider... read more ❯