400 years of telescope - Les 400 ans du telescope!
Published 11/12/2009 in Franck Marchis Blog Author Franck Marchis
Last April, I mentioned in this post this interesting cinematic documentary named "400 years of Telescope" produced and directed by Kris Koenig, written by Donald Goldsmith, Ph.D. , Albert van Helden, Ph.D. and Mr. Koenig. Interestingly I somehow became involved in this amazing work. here the story...If you followed my previous posts, you may remember that I ordered a large number of Galileoscopes for UC-Berkeley and SETI Institute staff and students. I got an order from "D. Goldsmith" who happened to be one of the writers of this documentary. As usual in my case (since I am very bad with names), I did... read more ❯

The Galileoscopes arrived - instructions and ideas for improvement
Published 9/11/2009 in Franck Marchis Blog Author Franck Marchis
Hello, You may have heard about the Galileoscope, a cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy. After my visit at the AAS conference at Pasadena, CA in June, I decided to organize a large order of this cheap telescope. We received last week ~155 Galileoscopes that should be now in the hands of my colleagues at SETi and UC-Berkeley and my friends. Since I already got a few questions from them, I decided to post on this blog some useful items and ideas. Assembling your Galileoscope. It is true that the instruction manual is not very clear and quite short. You... read more ❯