There will be an oral session on Evolution and Exploration of Asteroids tomorrow from 8am to 10am, followed by a poster session from 1:40pm to 6pm, at the AGU Fall Conference, San Francisco, CA. Ben Weiss, Linda Elkins-Tanton (both from MIT) and myself are conveners of this session. It will be chaired by A. Mainzer (JPL) and myself.

I am attaching the schedule of the session below. We will discuss the recent and future space missions dedicated to the Exploration of asteroids in the main-belt, the contribution of space-based and ground-based telescopes, and new ideas on the evolution of asteroids and their meteorite analogs. The image below illustrates the contribution of most abstracts submitted to this session.

First page of the AGU Fall Session Exploration and Evolution of Asteroids illustrating the topic of discussion of the presentations.
First page of the AGU Fall Session Exploration and Evolution of Asteroids illustrating the topic of discussion of the presentations.

See you at the session. I will definitely write a post about it in this blog.

Franck Marchis

P21E. Evolution and Exploration of Asteroids I

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM; Room 307

8:00 AM – 8:15 AM

P21E-01. OSIRIS-REx – Exploration of Asteroid (101955) 1999 RQ36 (Invited)
Dante S. Lauretta; Michael J. Drake; OSIRIS-REx Team

8:15 AM – 8:30 AM

P21E-02. Volcanic processes on early-forming asteroids. (Invited)
Lionel Wilson; Klaus Keil

8:30 AM – 8:45 AM

P21E-03. The surface composition and photometric properties of 21 Lutetia as observed by VIRTIS onboard ROSETTA.

Fabrizio Capaccioni; Angioletta Coradini; Stéphane Erard; Federico Tosi; Gianrico Filacchione; Maria Cristina De sanctis; Maria T. Capria; Lucas Kamp; Stephen J. Keihm; Samuel Gulkis; Gabriele Arnold; Eleonora Ammannito; Antonella Barucci; Stefano Giuppi

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM

P21E-04. Hayabusa2, C-type Asteroid Sample Return Mission
Yasuhiko Takagi; Makoto Yoshikawa; Masanao Abe; Shogo Tachibana; Tatsuaki Okada; Kohei Kitazato; Ryosuke Nakamura; Naru Hirata; Hajime Yano; Hirohide Demura; Satoru Nakazawa; Yuichi Iijima; Kei Shirai; Masahiko Hayakawa

9:00 AM – 9:15 AM

P21E-05. Radar Tomography of Asteroids ASSERT / Marco Polo-R

Alain Herique; Sonia Zine; Antonella Barucci; Jens Biele; Tra-Mi Ho; Wlodek W. Kofman; Christian Krause; Patrick Michel; Dirk Plettemeier; Jean-Yves Prado; Jean-Claude Souyris; Stephan Ulamec

9:15 AM – 9:30 AM

P21E-06. Preliminary Results from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer”s NEOWISE Search for Minor Planets

Amy Mainzer; James M. Bauer; Tommy Grav; Joseph Masiero; Robert S. McMillan; Russ Walker; David J. Tholen; Edward Wright; Peter Eisenhardt; Roc Cutri

9:30 AM – 9:45 AM

P21E-07. Detailed Pictures of Multiple Asteroid Systems in the Main-Belt

Franck Marchis; Joshua P. Emery; Jesus E. Enriquez; Pascal Descamps; Jérôme Berthier; Frederic Vachier; Josef Durech

9:45 AM – 10:00 AM

P21E-08. Magnetic fields on asteroid 4 Vesta recorded by the Millbillillie eucrite

Benjamin P. Weiss; Roger Fu

P23C. Evolution and Exploration of Asteroids II Posters

1:40 PM – 6:00 PM; Halls A-C

P23C-1718. A Spitzer-based classification of TNOs

Jennifer R. Cooper; Cristina M. Dalle Ore; Josh P. Emery

P23C-1721. Conditions of aqueous alteration of 9 CM chondrites estimated from mineralogy and compositional variations of matrix.

Katsuki Yoshioka; Tomoki Nakamura; Hirokazu Fujimaki

P23C-1722. A Model for the Self-Heating of Asteroid Surfaces: Application to the Interpretation of Combined MIRO-VIRTIS Data During the Rosetta Fly-by of 21 Lutetia

Stephen J. Keihm; Federico Tosi; Lucas Kamp; Fabrizio Capaccioni; Samuel Gulkis; Mark D. Hofstadter; Angioletta Coradini

P23C-1723. TASTER: Trojan ASteroid Tour, Exploration and Rendezvous, a NASA Planetary Science Summer School Mission Design Exercise

Ricardo Diaz-silva; Kunio M. Sayanagi; Stephanie Gil; Serina Diniega; Jeffrey Balcerski; Bjoern Benneke; Bryce Carande; Abigail A. Fraeman; Jennifer S. Hudson; Scott D. Guzewich; Roberto Livi; Amanda Nahm; Sally Potter; Matt Route; Kevin D. Urban; Soumya Vasisht; Brian Williams; Charles J. Budney; Leslie L. Lowes

P23C-1724. Earth Crossing Asteroid Characterization by Transient Tidal Events

Naor Movshovitz; Erik I. Asphaug

P23C-1725. Early Planetesimals: Making Models to Match Meteorites

Ian Sanders; Stephen M. Jones

P23C-1726. Reorientation of Vesta: Gravity and Tectonic Predictions

Isamu Matsuyama; Francis Nimmo

P23C-1727. Discovery of an Earth Trojan Asteroid

Martin G. Connors; Paul Wiegert; Christian Veillet

P23C-1728. Investigating the Combined Effects of Gravity and Rotation on Small-Body Surface Terrains

James E. Richardson; Timothy J. Bowling

P23C-1729. A 2.7 Micrometer Feature and Other Spectral Signatures of Asteroid 951 Gaspra

James C. Granahan

P23C-1730. Evolution and Exploration of Asteroid 2008 TC3

Petrus M. Jenniskens; Muawia H. Shaddad

P23C-1731. Shape And Size Of (90) Antiope Derived From An Exceptional Stellar Occultation On July 19 2011

Francois Colas; Jérôme Berthier; Frederic Vachier; Franck Marchis; Petrus M. Jenniskens; Jesus E. Enriquez; Keaton Burns; Pascal Descamps; Anthony George; Scott Degenhardt; David Dunham; Paul Maley; William J. Merline; William M. Owen; Brad Timerson; Steve Preston; Roger Venable; Mathieu Allain; Ross Cawthon; Jennifer R. Cooper; Joshua Fixelle; Shannon Hicks; Wyatt L. Meldman-Floch; Jennifer Minteer; Meridel Phillips

P23C-1732. Pyroxene Chemistry in a Polymict Eucrite

Nicholas Castle

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