Foggy day & Foggy mind – SETI Anniversary Colloquium

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My Office building this morning at UC-Berkeley

My Office building this morning at UC-Berkeley

Today I was not sure I will find my office at UC-Berkeley. As you can see on this picture it was not an easy task and I had to rely on my instincts and my phone GPS to find it. :-)

Anyway, here I am thinking about what should be my priorities in the list of important tasks that I have to do today. Somehow this picture is depicting a bit how I feel about my work today.

I mentioned that my priorities for these first 2 months of 2010 were to finish my refereed papers, right now none of them were submitted yet. This is a tedious task for which I need a 100% focus that I can’t get recently.  I am hoping to be done soon then I will be able to focus on getting funding and interacting with my new students.

I am also organizing also a special colloquium to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the SETI Institute on Feb 25. This is an important event which will consist of 1-minute colloquium given by each PI of the institute and their group members. We are hoping to record it in a quality good enough  to show it on our Facebook/Twitter accounts but also on this blog (of course). I started receiving the slides of several speakers and I am amazed by the diversity of research topics in our institution. Hopefully this will be a productive and fun day for all of us.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Institute we prepared several banners which describe several research topics conducted at our institution. I am going to post them on this blog (one every day hopefully) and describe them. More very soon!

Cheers from the fog.


About Franck Marchis

Dr. Franck Marchis is a Senior Researcher and Chair of the Exoplanet Group at the Carl Sagan Center of the SETI Institute since July 2007. Over the past 19 years, he has dedicated his research to the study of our solar system, specifically the search for asteroids with moons, using mainly ground-based telescopes equipped with adaptive optics. More recently, he has been also involved in the definition of new generation of AOs for 8 -10 m class telescopes and future Extremely Large Telescopes. He has developed algorithms to process and enhance the quality of images, both astronomical and biological. His currently involved in the Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey, which consists in imaging exoplanets using an extreme AO system for the Gemini South telescope. This new instrument is capable of imaging and recording spectra of young Jupiter-like exoplanets orbiting around nearby stars.

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  1. ryan fuimaono says:

    it sure was foggy today. i wore shorts thinking it would burn off like yesterday but no.

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