Franck Marchis

February 18, 2009

Talk at SETI today – Tomorrow at UC-Berkeley

Hello, I have just given my talk at SETI Institute. I don’t know why it is more stressful to give a talk in your host institution […]
February 16, 2009

Back from the Physics Diversity Submit 2009 conference in Nashville, TN

Dear readers, I am flying back from Nashville, a large city in located Tennessee. This was my first stay in this southern state. I was invited […]
February 13, 2009

200 yrs ago Charles Darwin was born

Dear readers, Today, February 12 2009 is the 200 years birthday of C. Darwin, famous naturalist known for his theory of the species evolution. While driving […]
February 10, 2009

Small diversion.. Akhenathen

Hello, Reading my previous posts in this blog, I realize that you may have the feeling that my life is all about astronomy… it is mostly […]
February 7, 2009

Visit at Keck Observatory – almost the end

Hello, I am still at Keck Observatory, but I am packing my stuff since I am about to leave Big Island for San Francisco, California. It […]
February 4, 2009

about the star of the COROT super-Earth

  Dear readers,   Yesterday I wrote a post and an update about the possible discovery of a super-Earth exo-planet by COROT mission.  I completely forgot […]
February 4, 2009

Discovery of a Super-Earth?

Great news today! A. Leger from the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS) and his collaborators announced the discovery of the smaller super-Earth called CoRoT-Exo-7b. This discovery was made […]
February 1, 2009

Visit at the Big Island- Keck Observatory and Mauna Kea

Hello, The last 10 days have been pretty hectic since I am at the Big Island (Hawaii) with my family. I am invited by the Keck […]
January 20, 2009

Now we have a plan… and hope

Today The 44th president of the USA took his oath and gave his inaugural speech at Washington DC. I arrived in the US when G.W. Bush […]