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It is amazing the amount of money and time wasted in 2012 on this “end of the world” prediction. We can blame ignorance of the people or sensationalism from the media, but we should also discuss the role of educated people, such as scientists, who have been spent time writing books & websites, answering interviews and debating on this non-sense. They promoted this myth until it was deemed a truth in the mind of people. This energy could have been spent to do something good for this world, something useful to make it a better place.

I may be utopian but I can not dismiss the potential greatness of a humanity that decides to work together to solve the real problems. I don’t despair and I hope¬†we have finally learned a lesson from this wasted moment of our collective resources.

I am eager to read your thoughts on this topic.

Clear Skies

Franck M.

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  1. I think the end of the world furor has a very big positive outcome. It has created an awareness and mindfulness that was never present in humanity, regarding the preservation of the humanity, fragility of the inhabitat. And these virtues cannot be measured in terms of economic costs.

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