I did not write on this blog for almost 15 days. The vacation time came shortly after the AGU meeting and I basically spent a lot of time with my family. So this post is primarily written to wish all of you a Great New Year 2010 and to give you news about the future of this blog.I don’t have an official response yet from the curators of this blog (Mariana Barrosa) but apparently several of us are willing to continue this blog. Even if the IYA2009 is soon over, we think that this initiative should be continued, since it generated a lot of interest from you. In my case, it also allowed me to send a few more time sharing my passion for my work and I hopefully give you a glimpse of the life of an astronomer.

I have a lot of articles that I did not publish yet in my draft folder, about Adaptive Optics (part II and part III), SOFIA telescope, the Decadal survey presented at the AGU Fall Conference, a new instrument that I am working on for Lick Shane Telescope, a space mission concept to explore multiple asteroids and so on… I will most likely publish them in the following days. Hopefully there are still some readers for this blog. 🙂 My goal for 2010 is to post shorter articles, more regularly and on broader topics than astronomy.

Wishing you a great new year 2010,

Franck M.

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  1. Thanks and Happy new year to you and everyone ..

  2. Feliz Ano nuevo and we’re looking forward to see the Cosmic Diary continue in 2010…

    1. Great Post! i have read it fully. This is a very inspiring article for me. Thank you so much.

    2. Happy new year to all of you but 2017……………..

    3. I got this site from google, and i really learns lot of things from your posts. Keep going..

  3. Yes Frank, we are here,
    Keep posting, this has indeed paved a way to have a better perspective on an insight of an astronomer during the course of a year !!

    1. Thanks for the wishes and same to you…

  4. Intuition is the source of scientific knowledge. -Aristotle

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