How will be our planet if it has a ring? I found this interesting video on the web that I wanted to share with you. Surprisingly I wrote this 7 days ago and apparently forgot to publish it.

Find below the video.

Interesting isn’t it? I think it is amazing that people are now able to create such animation. They are extremely useful to help us explaining in a classroom what is the Roche limit, and how does the effect of the tilt of the planet act on the season.

On a completely irrelevant topic, I have some great news! I am going tomorrow to Cleveland, OH to meet my colleague John Dankanich at the NASA Glenn Research Center. We will discuss the design of a space mission to study multiple asteroid systems. I am giving a talk at the Fall AGU meeting to present this mission. This is an interesting development in my career and I really appreciate this great opportunity. More news soon…


Franck M.

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  1. Really nice video !!! I appreciate to learn like – what is Roche limit – from your blog. Looking forward to hear some news from you about “Space mission to study multiple asteroid systems”.

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