An AGU 2016 Session on Solar System Small Bodies

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I co-organized a session for the AGU 2016 meeting entitled “P42A: Solar System Small Bodies: Asteroids, Satellites, Comets, Pluto, and Charon“. Below the info on the session and the schedule.


We have three invited talks that will describe the New Horizons data of Charon, color of Kuiper Belt Object from a ground-based survey and a theoretical study of the formation of the asteroid belt.

Abstract: The composition and physical properties of Small Solar System Bodies
(SSSBs), asteroids and dwarf planets, remnants of the formation of planets, are key to better understand our solar system. Increased knowledge of their surface properties and their potential as resources are also necessary to prepare for robotic and human
exploration. Hints about the internal structure and composition of SSSBs
have been acquired recently thanks to flyby/rendezvous data from space
missions, study of complex multiple asteroid systems, or close encounter
between asteroids. In this session we will discuss results bringing
information on the internal structure and composition of SSSBs based on
space and ground-based data, numerical models, as well as instrument/mission
concepts in the prospect of future exploration.


Chairs and Conveners

Franck Marchis
SETI Institute

Amanda R Hendrix
Planetary Science Institute Tucson

Krishan K Khurana
University of California Los Angeles

Padma A Yanamandra-Fisher
Space Science Institute Rancho Cucamonga

Oral Talks
Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:20 – 12:20 Moscone West – 2007

10:20 P42A-01 New Horizons Results at Charon (Invited)
Bonnie J Buratti et al.

10:32 P42A-02 Colours of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (Col-OSSOS): New Insights into Kuiper belt Surfaces (Invited)
Megan Elizabeth Schwamb et al.

10:44 P42A-03 Pebble Accretion and the Formation of the Asteroid Belt (Invited)
Katherine Kretke et al.

10:56 P42A-04 Constraints for the subsurface structure at the Abydos site on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko resulting from CASSE listening to the MUPUS insertion phase
Martin Knapmeyer et al.

Replaced by  P43B-2104 Meteoroid Impact Hazard based on Atmospheric Trajectory Analysis
Maria Gritsevich


11:08 P42A-05 Psyche: The Science of a Metal World
Linda T Elkins-Tanton et al.

11:20 P42A-06 Shapes and Densities of the Small Satellites of Pluto
Simon Porter et al.

11:32 P42A-07 CO2 and 12C:13C Isotopic Ratios on Phoebe and Iapetus
Roger Nelson Clark et al.

11:44 P42A-08 Ice Electric: Electron Irradiation Experiments with Porous Water Ice Samples
Andre Galli et al.

11:56 P42A-09 Laboratory Simulations and Spectral Analyses of Space Weathering of Non-Ice Materials on Ocean Worlds
Benjamin R Wing et al.

Poster Session
Moscone South – Poster Hall

P43B-2102 Secular Orbit and Spin Variations of Asteroid (16) Psyche
Bruce G Bills

P43B-2103 Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Frozen Chloride Salts on Icy Bodies
Paul V Johnson

P43B-2104 Meteoroid Impact Hazard based on Atmospheric Trajectory Analysis
Maria Gritsevich

P43B-2105 Spectrophotometric Characterisation of the Trojan Asteroids (624) Hektor et (911) Agamemnon
Alain Doressoundiram

P43B-2106 Shapes and rotational properties of the Select Hilda and Jovian Trojan Asteroids
Sarah Sonnett

P43B-2107 Far-UV Spectral and Spatial Analysis from HST Observations of Europa
Tracy M Becker

Josef Hanus

Alain Herique

P43B-2110 Geomorphological Mapping of Sputnik Planum on Pluto: Convection, Glacial Flow, Sublimation and Re-deposition of Nitrogen Ice
Oliver L White

P43B-2111 Constraining the Ice Viscosity and Heat Flux on Enceladus During the Formation of the Leading Hemisphere
Erin Janelle Leonard

P43B-2112 Constraints on the properties of Pluto’s nitrogen-ice rich layer from convection simulations
Teresa Wong

P43B-2113 Elpasolite Planetary Ice and Composition Spectrometer (EPICS): A Low-Resource Combined Gamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer for Planetary Science
Laura C. Stonehill

P43B-2114 Dynamics of HVECs emitted from comet C/2011 L4 as observed by STEREO
Nour E. Raouafi

See you there!

Franck M.

PS: Thanks those who attended the session, as well as the speakers, and my co-chairs (Amanda and Padma).

Here a group picture taken after the session. From left to right: Padma A Yanamandra-Fisher, Maria Gritsevich, Roger Nelson Clark, Andre Galli, Katherine Kretke, Franck Marchis, Megan Elizabeth Schwamb, Benjamin R Wing, Simon Porter, Amanda R Hendrix. Missing on this picture: Bonnie J Buratti & Linda T Elkins-Tanton


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