Category: Lori’s Job

These are blog posts describing my work. Every once in a while I complete a big project, like submitting a paper, attending a conference, or giving a talk. This is a good way to get an idea of what a research scientist’s job is like, as well as to keep tabs on my productivity (I live off your tax dollars, so you should know where it goes).

Parental organizational states

There are three states of parental organization. I've done all three on occasion, but I do have my tendencies. We all have our way of getting things done. Here they are: 1. Super organized parent: These are the folks who know ...

Yeah, it was that kind of morning.

The new favorite is "A Bushel and a Peck". The first half dozen times it was cute. No, really.

New duties

Today I became the deputy manager of the Planetary Landscapes Facebook page. Looks like it will be fun, and I hope it won't take up too much time. I do like the idea of sharing all of the beauty of ...

The things we do for science.

I just submitted a review of a very long paper. In science we spend a good amount of time doing "peer review", which means we look over every piece of work to be published by our colleagues to try to ...