Campfire of the World Space Week With HAAJ

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Last weekend, i went to the camp with the group of HAAJ (Jakarta Amateur Astronomy Club). For the HAAJ, they made the trip as one of their agenda for celebrating the 25th of HAAJ, as well as for the World Space Week. While for me, it was a great opportunity to escape from the tediousness of the city, and away from the city of light.

There were only about 17 people gathered, not much; but comprised of various background, from university students, high school students, teachers, family, and professionals. Despite the unfavorable weather, too risky to open the telescope; but the excitement of observation using the binocular did much to entertain us. It’s not in daily basis we have opportunity to peek the Andromeda galaxy, Pleiades, & Orion Nebula, sometime hiding behind the cloud.



As for HAAJ, it has been established for 25 years, and already caterred various activities of astronomy for the astronomy-goers around Jakarta, members come & go, but i hope the club will continue to share, perhaps the IYA 2009 also will imbue many more people, the excitement of the sky.

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