Published 11/27/2013 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
Last week i went to Nagoya, JAPAN; attending CAWSES symposium. CAWSES (Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System) is a five-year (2009-2013) international program sponsored by SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics) established with an aim of significantly enhancing our understanding of the space environment and its impacts on life and society. It is interesting that this frontier of science is multidisciplinary study, range from aeronomy, geophysics, and astronomy, we need to know better and better about our environment, from below the atmosphere, go to upper part, while on... read more ❯

Featuring the Women Of Science #WomenOfScience
Published 3/5/2013 in Franck Marchis Blog Author Franck Marchis
Today I would like to share with you an idea for the International Women's day on March 8 2013.  If you work in an institution, university, or non-profit related to science, have you taken note of the number of women around you? In astronomy and planetary science, it is not too bad even if it is not perfect, but some "hard" science groups, like physics or computer science, clearly have a low proportion of women in their ranks. I will not elaborate on the reasons for such lack of representation; instead, I propose to focus on the bright side. Yes, there... read more ❯

100 Years of Cosmic Ray, and the Contribution from Bandung
Published 8/14/2012 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
August this year 2012, the scientific community is celebrating the 100 years of 'cosmic ray' discovery. I will not give much on how it's discovered since already covered on other articles, such as this, this and this. Instead i only discuss about the contribution from a laboratorium in Java, and how the result helping on paving the way to the study of the cosmic ray. The modern view of cosmic ray study can be seen because of important contribution from experiment of Victor Hess in 1912, using balloon to study the atmosphere and its relation to the electricity. The work of Hess... read more ❯