Borobudur Redux
Published 3/29/2010 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
One of my favorite place to visit is Borobudur, i never bored to visit & the last vernal equinox, i have an opportunity to return there. I will not write much about Borobudur, i have written much about it on my previous post; nonetheless, the trip might be an escape way from my tedious routinity, a pilgrimage perhaps. Been occupied, even haven't time to write, even one single post recently. Now i can start over. Enjoy the pictures. [caption... read more ❯

Space Odyssey, 2010
Published 2/5/2010 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
Well, the IYA 2009 already closed a month ago, with all the memories left behind. The IYA 2009 had played important role to expose astronomy to wider general public through various activities, and that is a good thing, as the repercussion felt this year, there are more people getting excite for astronomy activities. Professional, amateur, try to find another excitement in astronomy, even after the IYA closed, but not the excitement. So what about this 2010? There are various path of journey to select. As i notice, there were numerous community-based club in several cities in Indonesia, established last year. Those... read more ❯

A Visit to Candi Cangkuang
Published 11/29/2009 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
Two days ago, during the Eid al-Adha, the Muslim "Festival of Sacrifice", i went to Candi Cangkuang, the only candi (ancient temple) that well preserved in West Java Province. This candi lies near the Garut town, about 50 km from Bandung. To reach the location, visitors should follow the main-road between Bandung-Garut, once reach the district of Leles, in the alun-alun (square) of district, can continue, either by car or delman (horsecar) to the site. Rediscovered in 1966, after buried for centuries, the experts conclude that this candi is the evidence of the existence of Hinduism... read more ❯

The Stars that fall from the Sky
Published 10/26/2009 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
This panel from the comic Tintin (The Shooting Star), for me, is the primary source of astronomy, at least in my childhood. Okey, i will not discuss about comicology in this post, perhaps later. Instead from what i have learnt, the phenomenon of shooting stars could invoke stories, excitement, awe inspiring wonder, even indepth science exploration. Choose your own path for wondering the universe. sometimes, the occurence can be predicted, sometimes, things just happenned. In this month only, there were several hypes of shooting star(s). Earlier in the October, there was report that huge meteor... read more ❯

Sepultura v.3.0, the New Album: A-Lex (2009)
Published 6/3/2009 in Emanuel Mumpuni Author nggieng
At first i was curious when i saw "We've Lost You" in youtube, hey, is this from new album of Sepultura? Did i see the scene before? Ah yes, the scenery more-less like the movie "A Clockwork Orange", (Stanley Kubrick). But, what is the connection about that song, with the movie? Maybe that song inspired by the movie, that's what i thought. One question maybe? Sepultura who? In 90s, Sepultura was so famous, from the Brazil, far into my country, many knows, oh yeah, that Sepultura, the Cavaleras. But after Max Cavalera left, things had... read more ❯