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Last week i went to Nagoya, JAPAN; attending CAWSES symposium. CAWSES (Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System) is a five-year (2009-2013) international program sponsored by SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics) established with an aim of significantly enhancing our understanding of the space environment and its impacts on life and society. It is interesting that this frontier of science is multidisciplinary study, range from aeronomy, geophysics, and astronomy, we need to know better and better about our environment, from below the atmosphere, go to upper part, while on... read more ❯

The 35th International School for Young Astronomers 2013 and The End of the Rainbow
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The 35th ISYA had been organized a month ago in Indonesia, that would be the third time organized in my country. With the span of 40 years since the first commencement, surely it is a long history for us in Indonesia. I will not write about report about that last ISYA, because it is already reported somewhere, nor about the importance of ISYA. Obviously, it is important for the IAU, because they organize this event on yearly basis, they do have reasons. So what is this all about? Some years ago... read more ❯

100 Years of Cosmic Ray, and the Contribution from Bandung
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August this year 2012, the scientific community is celebrating the 100 years of 'cosmic ray' discovery. I will not give much on how it's discovered since already covered on other articles, such as this, this and this. Instead i only discuss about the contribution from a laboratorium in Java, and how the result helping on paving the way to the study of the cosmic ray. The modern view of cosmic ray study can be seen because of important contribution from experiment of Victor Hess in 1912, using balloon to study the atmosphere and its relation to the electricity. The work of Hess... read more ❯

Astronomy in Pecha-Kucha Night #7 Bandung
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Some times ago, on the 6th of November, i went to the Pecha-Kucha Night #7 in Bandung, in Gedung Merdeka, Asian African Conference Museum. Such an interesting activity, to share idea in a 20x20 format (20 slides x 20 seconds/slide) for each presentation. But, maybe what makes this Pecha-Kucha interesting (at least for me), because of there were subjects of astronomy presented in the Pecha-Kucha. My friends gave presentation about our work in 'archaeo-astronomy' (Astronomy & Borobudur) by Irma Hariawang & 'etno-astronomy' (star-lore of Indonesia) by Yatny Yulianty. Well, i hope this would enlight... read more ❯

Kafeditepisemesta & The Challenge of Science Journalism
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Kafeditepisemesta is the name of a discussion group of writers, editors, journalists, lecturers,  scientist, and so on; whose share the same concern, which is about how to popularize science for general public in a hilarious way. Seriously, the name 'kafeditepisemesta' is derived from the series of Douglas Adam's satire "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe". Literally, 'kafe di tepi semesta' is translated to 'café on the edge of the universe'. But this is not about parodying the masterpiece, instead, all we did just share the idea about how exciting... read more ❯

The Young Rochimin & The Moon
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This is August, and like all the August in every years before, we celebrate the independence day; so, there should be lot of fiesta here & there. Like the Subang Regency, about two hours from my city road trip, they celebrate the day by arranging the Regency Boy scout Jamboree. What makes the story interesting is, for this year, the Regency invited my office for the Jamboree, because, they wanted something new for this event, they want to learn about the space, they said. So there we were, we set our camp &... read more ❯

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... Kami cuma tulang-tulang berserakan Tapi adalah kepunyaanmu Kaulah lagi yang tentukan nilai tulang-tulang berserakan. Ataukah jiwa kami melayang untuk kemerdekaan, kemenangan dan harapan atau tidak untuk apa-apa, kami tidak tahu, kami tidak lagi bisa berkata Kaulah sekarang yang berkata ... [... We are only scattered bones But in your possession It is you too who set the value of scattered bones. Whether our souls did depart for freedom, victory and hope or for nothing, we do not know, we no longer can speak It is you now who speak ...] Excerpt of Chairil Anwar's poem, "Krawang-Bekasi" (1948), Brawidjaja, Jilid 7, No 16, 1957. Dedicated to all victims of Jakarta bombing, 17th of July 2009. read more ❯

A Visit to the Biak - Where the Rainbow Ends
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Last month i went to Biak, a small island on the most north-east edge of Indonesia, but this trip was different from my previous visit, so i just tell story about what i have seen there from my last visit. Where is Biak island anyway? Biak is a small island located in Cenderawasih Bay, near the northern coast of Papua province, and is just northwest of New Guinea. Biak is the largest island in its small archipelago, and has many atolls, reefs, and corals. If someone has interest in ocean adventure, Biak island... read more ❯

World of Glass
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Four hundred years ago, Galileo utilized glasses, turned them into telescope and turn his eyes to the sky, since that time, human saw the universe with new perspective. Almost, forty years ago, still, using employ the glass, but in different way, known as television, human saw man landed on the moon, and since that time, we knew, that human already stepped further into the universe, beyond the Earth's boundary, the outer space. And now, still employ the glass, in the form of computer, human continue to stares the universe, harvest the light thru bigger & bigger glass of telescope than from Galileo... read more ❯

Whatever Happened in 2012?
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What will happen in 2012? There are numerous rumors floating around about 2012 and mostly related to the end of days, and that proves confusing for most people in here. Is it true, that the end is near? Obviously the 2012 is growing as a meme, that, instead of enlighten the people, only giving more misunderstanding & confusion, about what happen with our nature. In the end, this meme only blurs the understanding between knowledge and urban legend. To clarify the 2012 from the perspective of astronomy, the Student Union of Astronomy (Himastron, the organization body for students from the... read more ❯