Indonesian Astronomical Society Conference, 29-31 Oct 2009

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Tempus fugit, time flies. It seems like yesterday, when i started to write for cosmic diary, but, as i finish some of my tasks, i just realized, today is the last month, of the 9nth month of the 2009. Wew .. suredo .. tempus fugit.

I just finished my abstracts for the upcoming Indonesian Astronomical Society Conference (next month, on 29-31 Oct, 2009), it is an exciting time in IYA 2009, to see various activities of astronomy grow in here.  Somehow, i have been drown into various activities, here and there, helping my friends, colleagues to work on various projects in astronomy.  Simply because i like to do so, a concise experience in astronomy.

In summary, here are some of projects that i have been involved so far in this year:

Avivah Yamani, M.Si.
– Astro 2.0: langitselatan as the implementation of web 2.0 in Indonesia

Endang Soegiartini, M.Si.
– Estimation of the origin of 1566 Icarus Asteroid

Yatny Yulianty, S.Si.
– Compiling Starlore Across Nusantara

Irma Hariawang
– The Main Stupa of Borobudur as a Gnomon

Ferry M. Simatupang, M.Si
– langitselatan activities during IYA 2009

Emanuel Sungging Mumpuni, M.Si.
– Preliminary Report from the Astronomy Site Testing for the Candidate of Observatory in SPD LAPAN Biak
– Simple Photometry to Measure the Sky Brightness using a DSLR Camera

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