World of Glass

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Four hundred years ago, Galileo utilized glasses, turned them into telescope and turn his eyes to the sky, since that time, human saw the universe with new perspective.

Almost, forty years ago, still, using employ the glass, but in different way, known as television, human saw man landed on the moon, and since that time, we knew, that human already stepped further into the universe, beyond the Earth’s boundary, the outer space.

And now, still employ the glass, in the form of computer, human continue to stares the universe, harvest the light thru bigger & bigger glass of telescope than from Galileo era, also put some telescopes beyond the Earth’s boundary. On the same time, thru the glass of monitor, the light turned into digit, dissected, deciphered, and studied.

For a while, i ponder, is our world the world of glass? Perhaps, that is how we see the world, we can elaborate any media as necessary, as long we learn & we study to understand the world. Do we see our world through the glass, as if we see ourselves thru the looking glass?

The answer is not on the glasses; instead, it lies in the nature itself. So on that point, i stop, leave my monitor computer, leave all the routines, and start another expedition to observe the sky, far from the city of light. That is i always fond to go to the nature, go outside my world of glass. (Ironically, modern observation still has to employ telescope & laptop, which mean, still within the world of glass). LoL.

But the amazement of the universe is raison d’ĂȘtre. For instance, go outside at night, find the Crux, paired with Rigil Kentauri & Hadar, and make your own story about those; then you are outside your world of glass. This week, i will go observe in the farthest region of my country, in Biak. I hope my journey could be shared with the local, and ignite some awareness, about their place within their world of glass. (To be Continued).

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Science writer working on several projects in astrophysics, history and cultural of astronomy.

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