Space Odyssey, 2010

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Well, the IYA 2009 already closed a month ago, with all the memories left behind. The IYA 2009 had played important role to expose astronomy to wider general public through various activities, and that is a good thing, as the repercussion felt this year, there are more people getting excite for astronomy activities. Professional, amateur, try to find another excitement in astronomy, even after the IYA closed, but not the excitement.

So what about this 2010? There are various path of journey to select. As i notice, there were numerous community-based club in several cities in Indonesia, established last year. Those are from the public initiative, thanks to the spirit of IYA 2009.

Majalah Astronomi (Astronomy Magazine), now one year old. The only printed magazine that cater various information about astronomy in Indonesian language, which published for the first time on the opening of IYA 2009, and already ran for one year. (Check your nearest book store for the next edition!)

As for professional, the SEAAN (South East Asian Astronomy Network) is shaping the form, better & better, by the next 2nd meeting in Manila, Philippines, and the spin-off, SEAYAC (South East Asian Young Astronomers Collaboration), will form new face of astronomy in the SEA region, by producing the next generation of astronomers.

The wind of change also blew in Bosscha observatory, the previous director of Bosscha Observatory, Dr. Taufiq Hidayat (SPoC of IYA 2009 in Indonesia), is replaced by Dr. Hakim L. Malasan (member of Developing Astronomy Globally Task Group), as a regular changing in every two years period of service. It should be exciting to see the endeavor of professional astronomy in Indonesia under new captain on the helm, for the next two years.

And the question will be, what will the astronomy look like in the future, in the country, and in the region? One can actively involved in a process toward a progress, like active in research, teaching, communicating, collaboration, educating astronomy, etc; but still, there is a need for a ‘critical mass’, until things will shape the form; and this new form might be as surprising as the new finding in the universe, that always surprises us during our odyssey in the universe.

Last but not least, i include my previous travel in December 2009, who knows, perhaps somebody will need it.

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