HiRISE images

Of sandy lanes
Published 4/30/2012 in Lori Fenton's Blog Author lfenton
A piece of Mars: Of Sandy Lanes. The yellowish-tan rocks are tall high-standing hills that have been scoured by the wind. Dark sand slowly cuts down the whiter rocks in the valleys, slowly creating majestic lanes bordered by steep, sharp hills. My guess is the sand is moving from top to bottom in this image. (HiRISE ESP_023051_1865) read more ❯

Echoes of the past
Published 4/29/2012 in Lori Fenton's Blog Author lfenton
These dunes are quite unusual for Mars, and difficult to interpret. The thick blue and white stripes are dunes in their current location, but subtle stripes above them seem to indicate former positions of dunes, small pieces that got left behind as the dunes marched toward the bottom of the image. (HiRISE ESP_022645_1505) read more ❯

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