Una serata assurda – An absurd evening

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Margherita Hack

Margherita Hack

Just back from holidays. Many things happened, and maybe I’ll find the time to report about a few of them. But the funniest, and at the same time the most frustrating one was a public talk I gave together with Margherita Hack. She is the most famous Italian popularizer of astronomy, and she appears quite often on national TV channels, newspapers and magazines.

The day after I wrote a short novel about this evening. As I really needed to use many words, and my English is not good enough for that, I had to write it in Italian, my mother tongue. If you happen to understand it, here you go.

Sono appena tornato dalle vacanze. Sono successe molte cose, e forse trovero’ il tempo per parlarne, almeno di alcune. Ma la piu’ divertente, ed allo stesso tempo la piu’ frustrante, e’ stata una conferenza pubblica che ho tenuto assieme a Margherita Hack. E’ la piu’ famosa divulgatrice italiana di astronomia, e appare spesso in TV, sui giornali e sulle riviste.

Il giorno dopo ho scritto un breve racconto. Siccome mi servivano un sacco di parole, ed il mio inglese non e’ sufficientemente buono, l’ho scritto in italiano. Se ti interessa, lo puoi leggere qui.

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