Meeting Alan Parsons
Published 7/24/2012 in Fernando Patat Author Ferdinando
In many occasions I wrote in this blog that my passion for astronomy was accompanied by a deep passion for music. It was around 1978, or 1979, when a strong link between the skies and the music of the Alan Parsons Project started to develop. Besides the "spatial" character of several pieces (especially the instrumental ones), many texts contain references to astronomical objects. And so, partially because of this, and partially because of a certain imagination on my side, the two things became strongly related. Even after the... read more ❯

A wonderful concert by Glauco Venier in Cologne
Published 4/17/2011 in Fernando Patat Author Ferdinando
Music has always been a relevant ingredient in my intellectual life. If I had to summarize it in a few words, I'd say I am not sure what I really am: a failed musician or a failed scientist ;-) As you may remember, I have a very good and old friend, Glauco Venier.  He is a jazz piano player and composer, specialized in contaminating jazz with traditional music from Friuli, the region of N-E Italy from which we both come. His music has played quite some role in... read more ❯