Sepultura v.3.0, the New Album: A-Lex (2009)

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Sepultura, A-Lex (2009)

Sepultura, A-Lex (2009)

At first i was curious when i saw “We’ve Lost You” in youtube, hey, is this from new album of Sepultura? Did i see the scene before? Ah yes, the scenery more-less like the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, (Stanley Kubrick). But, what is the connection about that song, with the movie? Maybe that song inspired by the movie, that’s what i thought.

One question maybe? Sepultura who? In 90s, Sepultura was so famous, from the Brazil, far into my country, many knows, oh yeah, that Sepultura, the Cavaleras. But after Max Cavalera left, things had changed so much. At least my own brother argued with me, without Max, there is no Sepultura, he said.

But i have different perspective, the new singer, Derrick Green, more than just fill the hole, he has helped Sepultura departed into new direction. As i have followed he band for years, i have heard how they evolved. Maybe Max Cavalera left memorable songs, like ‘Roos Bloody Roots’, ‘Kaiowas’, but during the Derrick Green era, there is ‘Kamaitachi’, which is one of the best song from Sepultura, (for me). So, it would be unfair to compare both singer. Sepultura is Sepultura, which expressed in their music. And in every album, the spirit lives on in its own right.

And now the other Cavalera left, Igor Cavalera has now left the band, so, Sepultura without Cavalera. Will the spirit lives on? That is depend on how they work in their album. So, what about the new album, A-Lex? Here’s my review.

First, without Igor behind the drum-set, what happen then? I define this new lineup as the Sepultura v.3.0. The new drummer, Jean Dollabella shows that he is not only fill the role, but keep the passions still within the musics, “Filthy Rot” as a perfect example. And as Derrick Green’s vocals fit the whole album, i have no complain.

Second, Sepultura always has a typical sounding on music, and the song ‘We’ve Lost You’, still retain the pattern. So, how come they are not the Sepultura, if they still play the ‘Sepultura music’, regardless the slower tempo, but for me, they do Sepultura.

Third, let’s see the structure of the album, there is A-Lex I .. IV, like an interlude between play, of 18 songs. Maybe they inspired by the book. But, the whole  album, is indeed, inspired by the “A Clockwork Orange”. If one saw the movie, the 9th Symphony of Beethoven play important roles on entangling the story; and on the ‘Ludwig Van’, they experiment to play the classic in metal. Hmmh .. definitly, this emphasize the fact that the album is inspired by “A Clockwork Orange”, but, honesty, rather ambitious!

That does not mean ‘Ludwig Van’ isnt’ sufficient, technically. On the contrary, the music technically superb, but,  unneccessary. Let’s not forget the indigenous Brazilians in ‘Roots’ album, or Japanese music in ‘Against’, even in different line-up, i still enjoy the passion of Sepultura. But i don’t get the passion from this song. Too bad, in such an ambitious song, i found no ‘Sepultura’ in it. It is not a bad thing, but this does subtly undermine the whole concept of A-Lex. Imho.

Fourth, since this project is an attempt to broadening the spectrum of music; without loosing the thrash-core, so i would like to hear wider dispersion of the voice. I am not against Derrick Green’s vocal, i just wish to hear, perhaps they can elaborate another type of singer. Afterall, this is a concept album, let them explore all the possibilities. For me, maybe, to elaborate Vibeke Stene (former Tristania) with Sepultura .. hmm hmm .. keep on dreaming me …

Fifth, since the whole album is a concept album, inspired by the “A Clockwork Orange”, the changing tempo, the beat, riff, all the sounds embroiled, fits with the (at least) the movie. Eventhough i haven’t read the book, but already saw the movie, the feeling is mutual, between the movie and the musics. Can be disturbing, but at the same time, keeping me engross the art.

All in all, Sepultura is continuing to reinventing, to explore the music in any direction and in any possibilities, and, this is the same Sepultura that i know. This album is the solid evidence, that Sepultura still delivere a great art in the genre, the Sepultura v.3.0!

PS: Since i am not an expert on music, my review is simply based on how i felt  & heard from the new album, no more no less. I just like & appreciate any form of good art.

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