ESP_039057_1485_1.0x A piece of Mars: This scene (600×450 m or 1969×1476 ft) is covered in small craters, formed by the splash of a larger crater nearby. They cover everything, even the bright ripples visible on the right. So the ripples were there before the impact that formed all these little craters. And yet… there are itsy little gray ripples on the upper right, merging with the crater rims – these are new ripples, younger than the craters. On Mars, it’s the wind that wins in the end. (HiRISE ESP_039057_1485, NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona)

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  1. Thanks for the pics and the explanation of what I’m looking at. I also enjoy the views from the ISS, but I never know what part of the earth I’m looking at.

    1. All the pictures I show are on Mars. What ISS pictures have you been looking at? They’re usually quite stunning.

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