No sleep

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Finally I have time for a quick post. The last week was really tough – the little one was awake almost every night. He is protesting against sleep and I think it has something to with his developmental stage. He is trying to crawl and is so inquisitive. So he has a hard time switching off and falling asleep. Of course this means I am also awake pretty much 24hrs!

Things were better over the weekend and hopefully he will return to a smoother schedule this week. Now I can at least concentrate at work. Most of the past week was spend sorting paperwork as I just couldn’t do any proper thinking, and looking at the computer was too painful.

So this week I have to catch up on the things I didn’t get done last week, and it is going to be little bit busier than usual esp. with the USD deadline – more on that later in the week. At least the project I mentioned in an earlier post during the first week of January, was finalized and the paper was submitted to the journal – now lets wait and see what the referee will have to say about it.

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