WiA: Women in Astronomy
Published 5/16/2011 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
Last week I attended the WiA Workshop here in Sydney. The website is here. I found the workshop very good, even if I didn't get to attend it fully (because of issues related to being a mother)! Having missed the first talk, because I really had to be a parent helper at Year 1 Maths groups, I got there in time to hear the talk by Nicole McKenna from the National Foundation for Australian Women. The point that struck me most was the 'unconscious bias' against female achievers, by both genders. She mentioned a study where students were asked to comment... read more ❯

Belated New Year wishes
Published 1/12/2010 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
First of all wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2010. Hope everyone had a good vacation. I am officially still on vacation in Melbourne. We have been enjoying many sunny days here (some days bit too hot). We spend Christmas at the beach and toured bit of the Aussie outback with friends. It is such a nice feeling to be among family and friends after being so far from them for so long. After meeting with some of my high school friends it is amazing to realize that we have all "grown up" and how quickly time flies. Note... read more ❯

Not in Rio
Published 8/6/2009 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
As most of you know the International Astronomical Union (IAU) general assembly (GA) started this week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For both work and family reasons I had earlier decided not to attend. The only IAU GA I have attended so far was in 2003 in Sydney, when I was a PhD student at Mt Stromlo Observatory. I was part of the student body from Australian universities that volunteered to help out during the event. We were all given red jackets to stand out from the crowd and our tasks ranged from helping the wondering and lost astronomers find their... read more ❯

Published 4/9/2009 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
The weather is getting warmer and the days are beautiful. Last week we had a couple visit us from Melbourne. We all enjoyed their visit, with much discussion about Education for Sustainable development. Its was a very interesting topic and more so because he is an outstanding teacher, a winner of the Australian Eureka prize. In fact I had taken Physics lessons from him when I was at high school in Melbourne. He also introduced me to the Reggio Emilia method of teaching for young children. Now I am reading up on this approach as the kids are growing up and... read more ❯

He is crawling
Published 3/17/2009 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
He is 7 months old and crawling already! Such a nice surprise to come home today and see this skinny little baby - who was wiggling about on his tummy - has now figured how to pull his knees and elbows and do the baby crawl. What a little star! This new found mobility means we should start baby-proofing the house soon. Luckily his big brother is on the watch out for us, giving us a yell if the little one attempts to taste the dirt in the pot plant or pull out the CD rack. They have started interacting more... read more ❯

No sleep
Published 2/2/2009 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
Finally I have time for a quick post. The last week was really tough - the little one was awake almost every night. He is protesting against sleep and I think it has something to with his developmental stage. He is trying to crawl and is so inquisitive. So he has a hard time switching off and falling asleep. Of course this means I am also awake pretty much 24hrs! Things were better over the weekend and hopefully he will return to a smoother schedule this week. Now I can at least concentrate at work. Most of the past week was... read more ❯

It's snowing
Published 12/20/2008 in Gayandhi de Silva Author gsilva
The winter weather in Munich is very much a new experience for me. This is the first I am living in a city where it snows! I still cannot get over the view from my window. However this cold weather also means that both the kids are down with acute bronchitis. Which means sleepless nights. No, having observing experience at the telescopes does NOT make it any easier to wake up every hour for several nights in a row! Hopefully this will clear soon before Christmas. Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! read more ❯