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This week I got my first USD problem report ticket from a user – it was an easy question, in fact the user managed to find the solution themselves! When communicating with the user (which is by email) I was thinking what tone to use and how to address them. I mean the user is another professional astronomer, so do I address them as Dr. XXX or simply say Hello? When I was a “user” before starting work at ESO I preferred the informal way – it made me feel comfortable to ask more questions, but now at the other end of the table I feel I should be more formal when representing ESO / USD…hmmm

I am not comfortable being addressed with the Dr title. I almost never use it myself. Actually the only people who insist I use the title are my grandparents and other relatives in Sri Lanka – I think because they feel a sense of pride from me, esp. those that didnt have the opportunity to study. In general just a “Hi Gayandhi” is perfect with me. However now that I am working in an international environment, with people from different language backgrounds, I get called all sorts of modifications to my name, some common ones are Gani, Gayanda, or Gandhi (now that’s an honor!). Sometimes it is a random combination of the core sounds “G” “Y” and “N”. I try to politely correct them but it doesn’t always work. I don’t really mind – as long as I know someone is talking to me.


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  1. Rivi says:

    Hi Gayandhi,

    If I answer a mail, I use the signature as a guideline. If it’s signed with full name, it should be formal, if its signed first name, informal. The other way around, if I make first contact, I’m usually formal, but sign informal, as kind of an offer to skip that bloody title stuff…. So far has worked very well, at least for me. (Some exceptions may apply to funding agencies, when I sign formal, but that’s about it).

    Cheers, Rivi

  2. Gayandhi says:

    Hi Rivi,

    Yes, that seems a good way to get an idea of what the user prefers.

    Thanks for that,

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