JENAM 2009

Launch of The Portal To the Universe
Published 4/23/2009 in Sotira Trifourki Author strifourki
Today marks the launch of the long anticipated "Portal to the Universe". On Tuesday (21st April)  Lars Lindberg Christensen gave participants attending the IYA 2009 in Europe session a demonstration of what was planned for the portal, explained how the portal will act as "one-stop-shop" for astronomy information and content and also will act as an archive for educational materials. As an astronomy educator this for me means two things. One, I get some of the load taken off for ploughing through hundreds of websites to find useful materials and resources to build the learning programmes for the schools wanting... read more ❯

ELT Writers Workshop, JENAM 2009
Published 4/21/2009 in Sotira Trifourki Author strifourki
Immediately after the press conference by Michel Mayor, the reporters from the press conference were led to a writers workshop being presented on the science behind the Extremely Large Telescope. Some of the subject topics presented were: Take direct images of exo-planets - produce better resolutions of images Exoplanet direct detection, direct imaging of a super Earth. Second case is black holes, but how can we detect them? Precision Optics, the instruments will be complex and large, the telescope is some 8 years away from completion, what are the key technology placements will the scientists need to make? There is an industrial scale production taking place... read more ❯

Press Conference on Gilese 581 e, JENAM 2009 meeting
Published 4/21/2009 in Sotira Trifourki Author strifourki
Well, I've arrived at the University of Hertfordshire, where the JENAM 2009 meeting is taking place. Dr. Henri Boffin from ESO and Michel Mayor are giving a press conference on the discovery of an Earth type planet inside the habitable zone, where liquid water could exist. The planet is called Gilese 581 e, and is a member of the family of planets that have been discovered recently (Gilese 581d), which orbit a red dwarf star. There were many journalists, including reporters from the BBC and ITN wanting to know "what does this discovery mean for us, what does this mean?" Well... read more ❯