Discordant redshift associations

Partial Solar Eclipse Jan 4th 2011
Published 1/4/2011 in Sotira Trifourki Author strifourki
Seems we are clouded out, or should I say SNOWED out here in Manchester! Yes the site for today's live BBC Stargazing LIVE broadcast from Jodrell Bank and my home further down the road have snow! I was very kindly sent this image after numerous attempts to connect to Ido Bareket's live webcast of the partial solar eclipse from Israel, here are some images which you can see here at: http://universechallenge.org/news/ Did try loading the images up here and had some troubleĀ  so for those of you who have just tried clicking on my broken link through facebook apologies! read more ❯

Discordant Redshift Associations
Published 6/16/2009 in Sotira Trifourki Author strifourki
Another day, another association found, I woke up at 2am this morning and after realiasing that I had left my computer on processing lots of data and in the process nearly blowing it up by letting it over heat, (poor laptop) I realised I had an email from a colleague who suggested I take a look at some measurements of redshifts in interacting galaxies. So, trundelling through the nasa extragalactic database I take a look at the Antennae system to discover a QSO smack in the middle of its nucleus. Now, this is something extraordinary, as this QSO had been... read more ❯