Violins, Cielos and random imagery

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I went for a wander and passed the main hall to where the quartet were playing, and popped my head round the corner for a few minutes to check out the performance, the performance is very energetic placed behind and electronic beat which resembles Houston calling for Apollo astronauts floating in space, very atmospheric! The second pass by the hall after checking out the Universe Awareness exhibition was placing random imagery of mathematical notes scribbled on blackboards as settings for the quartet, a little surreal! I’m off for a walk again back to the hall to see what is going on, I wonder how Lee is doing?

Back in the hall now and the choir have kicked in to the point here the hairs on the back are standing on end, beautiful and so melodic!

The imagery of aurora are the setting for the background, with the UNESCO choir singing against the accompanyment of the quartet.

A storm is now approaching with a magnetic storm from space, flashes of light streaming across the sky in and explosion of energy.

I’ve found a place on the side of the hall to comment from, unfortunately the loud typing on my keyboard seems to be annoying some of the audience members, not a good thing! must learn to type much more quietly.

Something is approaching, the storm has subsided and the electrical resonance of the storm is creating an auroral display amongst a barren landscape.

The choir and quartet finish the second act with a view of the view from space.

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  1. Claire says:

    You’d fit in well at CERN… during any given talk there are at least 90% of people working on their laptops!

  2. Lee says:

    I’m glad you’re doing a sensible and thorough post about this!

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