Jupiter, king of the planets

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The third act and the quartet are playing softly against the background of whale and birdsong, a striking combination. A close up of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and vortices swirling in the belts set the scene. The imagery acts as the centre piece as the quartet start up again. Now the screen is pink with purple. Bright vibrant red lighting as the quartet tumble through the musical interpretation of the Sun’s activity. We are now on a journey close to the Sun, perhaps the Sun is burning its last dregs of fuel before transforming into a red supergiant?

A deeper sunset orange as the screen drops to the setting of the lights as twinkling candles. The aurora and choir return, this time the male voices are setting the scene against the hum of the female voices.

The audience members are captivated, taking photographs, above the audiences heads the hall ceiling is lit with numerals of phi, gamma and mathematical symbols.

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  1. Claire says:

    It sounds so geeky, yet so beautiful at the same time! My brain may just explode…

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