ESP_033302_2030_0.45xA piece of Mars: Is it a comet? With Comet ISON in the news these days it’s hard to tell. No, this is a brand-new meteorite impact on the surface of Mars. The impactor hit the ground, blasted through a layer of bright dust blanketing the surface, and threw out some underlying dark material. The long dark streak to the lower right shows where wind blew some of the dark material exposed by the impact. (HiRISE ESP_033302_2030, NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona)

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  1. The corners look too square and perfect as if something was pulled out.

    1. I see what you mean, it looks like a pointy box if you look at it a certain way. That’s the trickery of images. If you zoom in at full resolution it no longer looks like that, as you see enough detail to understand what you’re actually looking at.

  2. It’s fabulous! Perhaps, we should find water to drink!

    1. That would be cool, but I doubt it. It doesn’t look like the impactor was made of ice. Or if it was, it appears to have completely sublimated away.

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