A piece of Mars: Dark sand has been blown into the scene from the upper right. It has piled up against older, brighter dunes that may now be inactive. The sand drifts on and on, piling up where the wind weakens and carving out rock where the wind is strong. And that is geology on Mars today. (HiRISE ESP_028024_1830 NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

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  1. Hey there Lori,
    Awesome display of MARS. Since I am a MUFON director and a talk show host, everyone in my community thought you where me.
    You are now prominent on my facebook page, Lorien Fenton.
    Love the pics!
    Take care, Lorien Fenton

    1. Interesting! Nice to meet another Lori-ish Fenton.

  2. I like your blog about Mars! Dave 🙂

    1. Thanks!

  3. you are claiming that there is WIND on mars…denote type of wind chemical or h20 or oxygen..i.e and if so that would imply an atmosphere on mars..comprise of??????…wind is a form of life..denote type…..please

    1. Wind is not a form of life. It is simply the movement of gaseous molecules in an atmosphere. When we feel the wind here on Earth, it is the movement of oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) molecules moving. On Mars, the main atmospheric constituent is carbon dioxide (CO2), so this is what makes up the “wind” on Mars.

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