A piece of Mars: Dunes often cannibalize each other, with new dunes forming from the sand in older dunes. Here the tan dunes have formed from the sand that made up the grayish blue dunes. Notice the banding on the bluish dunes — this is a sign of erosion. The banding is probably layering in the blue dunes that was exposed as a wind from the northwest scoured the surface. (HiRISE ESP_028918_1605, NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

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  1. someday humans will be standing on these dunes looking out over the horizon,for me I was born to late.I think we really need to push for a manned flight to Mars,but not just a quick turn around,we need to build a out post.I grew up during the Apollo missions,what a great time to be alive,the whole world was watching,everywhere you went,their would be a tv turned on.We need to do it again,go back to the moon,build permanent bases,large telescopes,labs etc and then on to Mars.Granted work is being done,just not enough,hopefully when their is a multitude of private companies working for NASA they can all put all their energy into doing what they do best,getting us off this planet in a safe manner.

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