May 9, 2011

I finally joined Twitter!

Perhaps I will be better at microblogging than actually blogging.  Follow me here. Hopefully, I will keep up this blog occasionally, too, though (please no jokes […]
August 20, 2010

Looking to Lani in Hawaii

Hello Cosmic Diary readers! I have recently started writing (here’s hoping for more consistency…) for NASA Goddard’s ‘Blueshift’ blog, particularly about travel and astronomy….both of which […]
October 20, 2009

gotta love DC…

…there’s always something going on! Besides lots of cool astronomy stuff (a White House Star Party?! Awesome!), there are tons of other events for anything one […]
October 2, 2009

Fall is here!

After spending six years in the desert (Arizona) in grad school, I am totally loving living in a place with seasons again. I’ve lived in Maryland […]
July 31, 2009

Apollo/NASA Images + National Symphony Orchestra = very fun evening!

I was lucky enough to snag a couple of tickets to the Kennedy Center’s Salute to Apollo Celebration that was held a couple of weekends ago, […]
July 17, 2009

Shuttle launches etc. (and I’m a slacker)

I totally admit it, I’ve been a slacker lately when it comes to this blog.  Sorry!  I could list the generic list of astronomer excuses (conference […]
February 19, 2009

Space junk!

I’m sure most readers who follow the Cosmic Diary blogs heard about the satellite collision last week. Thankfully, the experts are saying that the debris poses […]
February 12, 2009

Hello, and happy birthday Charles Darwin!

Hello Cosmic Diary readers!  As this is my first post, I thought I would give a quick intro … and start by saying that I’ve blogged […]