Beyond 2009

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Well, I’ve been quiet for a while and its good to still be able to post here, so far 2010 has been a productive year! Last week I was out with the “Space Bus”, which is single deck coach stripped of its inside and replaced with a 3D screen to watch movies on, and have school children come onboard and participate in interactive activities. The last week has been spent with much scratching of heads and figuring out what kind of new experiments we can do on the bus, with the idea of being as close to living and working in space as possible. I have to say one thing the kids loved was the touch and feel session on geological rocks. Amber, fossils, Meteorites, Tecktites, they all were fascinated.

In the meantime its back to what seems to be soaking up all of my time at the moment, yes you guessed it, Grant proposal writing! seems to be the pass time of most astronomers and science communicators looking to find funding for their next project, so will post more here in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Desh says:

    I too, love outreach activities like these,

    The Space Bus program seems to be fantastic and I would be very glad if you can post some photos, featuring how the things went on,

    Thanks !

  2. Evan says:

    beyond 2009, we step into 2010, tiger year,

    pray for a peaceful world and

    new year i could buy one astronomical telescope

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