Polygons of dunes

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ESP_031138_1380_1.0xA piece of Mars: Yep, these are dunes shaped into polygons. Each “cell” is about 25 m (~80 ft) across. The crests of these things are outlined in blue, as if somebody traced them with a pen (well it’s stretched to look blue, but it’s really more of a grayish color). These don’t look like typical dunes — they were formed in a place where the wind blows from many different directions, so it’s tough to tell what winds formed them. (ESP_031138_1380, NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

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  1. RGW says:

    Very like tundra polygons – high ridges with internal hollows, or sometimes vice versa…

  2. Anita Dime says:

    Looks like a tray of toasted mini marshmallows.. Chunk ‘o chocolate and a graham cracker?

    • lfenton says:

      Sounds great! But you’re seeing it upside down. The white areas with thin blue lines are the topographic highs. Too bad, or I’d start calling it “marshmallow terrain”. :)

  3. Christopher Emm says:


  4. David Faas says:

    Looks like a Sponge!! With Regards,Dave:-)

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