ESP_031138_1380_1.0xA piece of Mars: Yep, these are dunes shaped into polygons. Each “cell” is about 25 m (~80 ft) across. The crests of these things are outlined in blue, as if somebody traced them with a pen (well it’s stretched to look blue, but it’s really more of a grayish color). These don’t look like typical dunes — they were formed in a place where the wind blows from many different directions, so it’s tough to tell what winds formed them. (ESP_031138_1380, NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

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  1. Very like tundra polygons – high ridges with internal hollows, or sometimes vice versa…

  2. Looks like a tray of toasted mini marshmallows.. Chunk ‘o chocolate and a graham cracker?

    1. Sounds great! But you’re seeing it upside down. The white areas with thin blue lines are the topographic highs. Too bad, or I’d start calling it “marshmallow terrain”. 🙂

  3. Interesting

  4. Looks like a Sponge!! With Regards,Dave:-)

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