A piece of Gale crater, Mars: What exactly is Mt. Sharp, the big mountain Curiosity is set to climb up? Here’s a picture of what it is: layers and layers and layers and layers. And more layers. Probably sedimentary, but also possibly with some volcanic ash. Each layer tells its own story about some period in the distant past on Mars, and here are just a few of them, exposed by erosion for your viewing pleasure. (HiRISE PSP_008002_1750)

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  1. I just have to thank you for posting these incredible pictures and sharing them. I would not have known where to look, so I just googled Mount Sharp on Mars and I found your blog.

    Keep blogging it’s wonderful. Soon the world will have its eyes opened to the marvel of Mars, and the rest of the world will beat a path to your door. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! You’ve just inspired me to go and make another post.

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