He is crawling

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He is 7 months old and crawling already! Such a nice surprise to come home today and see this skinny little baby – who was wiggling about on his tummy – has now figured how to pull his knees and elbows and do the baby crawl. What a little star!

This new found mobility means we should start baby-proofing the house soon. Luckily his big brother is on the watch out for us, giving us a yell if the little one attempts to taste the dirt in the pot plant or pull out the CD rack. They have started interacting more now – sometime so sweet to watch – at other times not very agreeable.

The little one can now go “inspect” his brothers “superduper food machine” (thats what he calls his latest Lego creation). The food machine has been accidently demolished during those “inspections” by the baby, then the 4yr old’s temper boils over and dumps the big beanbag on the little one!! Dont worry my husband and I were around when this happened and quickly got the dazzled baby out – he was fine.

More to come in the future I suppose… :)

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