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Gemini Planet Imager Begins On-sky Integration at Gemini South
Published 11/15/2013 in Gemini Planet Imager Author Franck Marchis
Adapted from Gemini Observatory e-Newscast #53 Gemini's powerful new instrument for studying planets beyond the Solar System, the Gemini Planet Imager (GPI), has successfully received its first starlight for engineering and testing on the night of November 11-12. On-sky observations are currently ongoing for technical integration with the Gemini South telescope. The GPI team (Figure 1) began the 7-night observing run began with a head start, since preliminary pupil and pointing alignments were completed early, due to extensive preparatory work and smooth integration since the instrument arrived at Gemini South in August. Figure 1. The GPI commissioning team... read more ❯

Major milestone for GPI. The exoplanet camera hunter is mounted on the Gemini South Telescope
Published 10/25/2013 in Gemini Planet Imager Author Franck Marchis
Yesterday was a major milestone for the Gemini Planet Imager Project! Gaston Gausachs, mechanical engineer at Gemini Observatory, sent us this great picture ofGPI, our exoplanet camera hunter, mounted on the Gemini South Telescope. The team reported that it was a flawless and smooth operation. The 2-ton instrument is now attached to the Cassegrain focus of the telescope. The picture below shows  GPI on the bottom, and  CANOPUS on the left, GMOS on the right, two other instruments that can be operated at the Gemini South Telescope. We... read more ❯