Some news from Gemini Observatory,

Gemini Observatory has revealed the list of observing proposals scheduled in 2014B (the second half of 2014)  that will use the GPI instrument. Those programs focused on the search for companions around nearby stars and also stars known to possess a disk and/or a planet by radial velocity. Other groups are using the quality of data provided by GPI to study planets already imaged with previous instruments, such as the HR8799 system and Beta Pic b. Their goal is the study the atmosphere of those planets and also to collect more astrometric positions to refine the orbit of the exoplanet.

Gemini South Telescope on the top of Cerro Pachon (credit: Marshall Perrin)
Gemini South Telescope on the top of Cerro Pachon (credit: Marshall Perrin)

The complete list of accepted proposal is attached below. Rank 1 proposals with a total time of 28h are very likely to be fully completed. Rank 2 proposals (47.3h), however, will be  partially completed.

Gemini South telescope and the southern hemisphere sky (credit: Marshall Perrin).
Gemini South telescope and the southern hemisphere sky (credit: Marshall Perrin).

Good luck to all these teams from several Gemini Observatory partners (United States, Australia, Canada and Chile)  with their observations. We look forward to hearing about your discoveries.

Clear skies,

Franck M.

This table lists the proposals accepted for 2014B (August 2014 to January 2015). First column contains the program numbers, second column indicates the name of the principal investigator, third column the partner country (CL=Chile, US=USA,…), 4th column is the title, and last column the number of hours requested.

GS Scientific Ranking Band 1
GS-2014B-Q-5 Cieza CL GPI observations of Young, Nearby, and Dusty A-type Stars 8.00
Execution Status:  
GS-2014B-Q-7 Currie CA/US A GPI Investigation of Clouds and Chemistry in Planets Orbiting HR 8799 5.50
GS-2014B-Q-10 Hardy CL The first detection of a second-generation substellar companion 2.00
GS-2014B-Q-11 Ireland AU Exoplanets Scupting the UX Tau Transitional Disk? 3.00
GS-2014B-Q-16 Kraus US Imaging disk asymmetries and planet formation in a pre-transitional disk 8.00
GS-2014B-Q-22 Perez CL Mapping the protoplanetary disk in EP Cha: planet formation and dust evolution at a critical age 1.50
GS Scientific Ranking Band 2
GS-2014B-Q-37 Biller US Exometeorology: Searching for Weather on Beta Pictoris b 17.00
GS-2014B-Q-39 Christiaens CL Companions and spiral arms in the disk of Herbig AeBe disks with large gaps 4.00
GS-2014B-Q-48 Graham CA/US Astrometry of Beta Pic with GPI 3.30
GS-2014B-Q-56 Marois CA/US GPI detailed spectroscopic and astrometric characterization of HR 8799cde. 10.00
GS-2014B-Q-62 Salter AU Imaging and Spectroscopy of Long Period Companions to Doppler Planet Search Stars 7.00
GS-2014B-Q-65 Wright CA Unveiling the Inner Regions of Circumstellar Envelopes and Winds of AGB Stars 6.00