Planet Formation in Action?
Published 2/24/2011 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
Amazing results from my friend Nuria Huélamo and her collaborators .... From the ESO website: "Using ESO’s Very Large Telescope an international team of astronomers has been able to study the short-lived disc of material around a young star that is in the early stages of making a planetary system. For the first time a smaller companion could be detected that may be the cause of the large gap found in the disc. Future observations will determine whether this companion is a planet or a brown dwarf." I recommend the video, wonderful. More here read more ❯

Renovation of the German-Spanish agreement for the future of Calar Alto
Published 12/10/2010 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
After many moths and a lot of work .... (and this is one of the reasons why I was not active writing posts, or in science) .... We have an agreement! Calar Alto Observatory (Almería, Southern Spain) will continue it scientific operations up to the end of 2018. I am attaching the press release. On December 2nd 2010, the German Max Planck Society (MPG) and Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) have signed an agreement in order to operate the Calar Alto Observatory at the German-Spanish Astronomical Centre during the period 2014-2018. The German-Spanish Astronomical Centre (CAHA) is a joint venture of the... read more ❯

The confirmation of the first super-Earth
Published 9/16/2009 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
I have to confess that sometimes I am very tired of my trips: conferences, workshops, meetings, observing runs... I hate airports, I do not like the security and the waste of time, and I would prefer to avoid the effect of all these trips in my social life, since I spend a significant amount of time away. However ... sometimes (or many) is wonderful. I am in Barcelona, for the conference "Pathways toward habitable exoplanets". Today, a member of the Corot/HARPS team has announced the confirmation by radial velocities techniques of the first super-planet: Corot-7b, and the detection of a second planet... read more ❯

A new exoplanet approaching the mass of Earth
Published 4/21/2009 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
In the JENAM (European Astronomical Society Meeting), in England ... plenty of wonderful results. Of course, from my point of view, the most important is the announcement by Michael Mayor of a new exoplanet, with an extremely low mass, only twice the earth value (although it depends on the inclination of the orbit). I have a kind of déjà vu. I was in Florence 14 years ago when he announced the discovered the first exoplanet orbiting around a solar type star. It amazement how far we have gone in these few years, and the group of Prof. Mayor has played a... read more ❯

RoPACS: Rocky Planets Around Cool Stars
Published 1/30/2009 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
RoPACS, one of the big collaborations I am involved, is a European network which has the goal of training PhD students in the field of the exoplanet search and characterization (by the way, we are opening 11 positions in several countries across Europe). The network is being coordinated by David Pinfield, from the Hertfordshire University. In order to achieve this aim, we are exploiting the WFCAM Transit survey, an ambitious project which has been granted several hundred nights at the UKIRT telescope over the next few years. We are monitoring a significant amount of M dwarfs in the... read more ❯