The New Space Telescope as an example of Euro-American cooperation
Published 5/11/2012 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
Just arrived from London from a one-day meeting of the MIRI consortium, I cannot avoid looking back with pride at our achievements, in this longer than 10 years challenge. The Mid-Infrared Instrument  (MIRI) is one of the four instruments which will fly on the James Webb   Space Telescope, the next big observatory NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency  (CSA) will put in orbit. This will happen in 2018, but a lot of work has to be done before then (the integration of the telescope and its instruments and additional verifications). These three organizations started to think... read more ❯

Back to the Cosmos
Published 5/1/2012 in David Barrado Author dbarrado
At least, to "Cosmic Diaries". First, thanks to Franck Marchis for all the hard work he has investing setting up the system again. And back to the Cosmos, since I have starting to do Science, after a lot of time immersed in bureaucratic and more technical work (a 6.5m telescope?). Last week we had  the Calar Alto Time Assigning Committee, which also took a lot of time (reading more than 100 proposals and try to really understand what the intent to do, and the relevance of the science in not an easy task). But this is over now. Now, real science. At least... read more ❯