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At least, to “Cosmic Diaries”. First, thanks to Franck Marchis for all the hard work he has investing setting up the system again.

And back to the Cosmos, since I have starting to do Science, after a lot of time immersed in bureaucratic and more technical work (a 6.5m telescope?).

Last week we had  the Calar Alto Time Assigning Committee, which also took a lot of time (reading more than 100 proposals and try to really understand what the intent to do, and the relevance of the science in not an easy task). But this is over now.

Now, real science. At least my own, starting with the inspection of hundreds of spectra already taking for the Gaia-ESO survey. This program aims to understand the properties of stars belonging to open clusters and young stellar associations, as well as the Galaxy as a whole (galactic archaeology). Hundred of nights will be invested with the VLT during the next few years, in order to make the best out of the Gaia satellite (to be launched in Summer 2013) and the wealth of data it will deliver. So, a very exciting project! And, of course, a lot of work.

More soon.

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