The confirmation of the first super-Earth

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I have to confess that sometimes I am very tired of my trips: conferences, workshops, meetings, observing runs… I hate airports, I do not like the security and the waste of time, and I would prefer to avoid the effect of all these trips in my social life, since I spend a significant amount of time away.

However … sometimes (or many) is wonderful.

I am in Barcelona, for the conference “Pathways toward habitable exoplanets”. Today, a member of the Corot/HARPS team has announced the confirmation by radial velocities techniques of the first super-planet: Corot-7b, and the detection of a second planet around the same star. they should have masses of 4.8 and 8.4 earth masses, and due to their very short orbital periods (0.89 and 3.7 days), they should be very exotic, with a huge difference between the hemisphere always facing the star (about 200 K) and the night side, almost at 50 .

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