JPL Open House

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Saturday morning I volunteered at the JPL Open House, which was May 15-16 this year. Finally the WISE booth had real WISE data. Tens of thousands of visitors came to learn about space projects ranging from Earth observing satellites to the Planck mission studying the most distant parts of the observable Universe. Of course people were having fun too, including Tiffany and John Plunkett who were taking pictures of pigs in space. Here’s their picture of their pig flying past the Andromeda nebula, as seen by WISE:

Flying Pig

Flying Pig

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Ned Wright, 65 years old, is a professor at UCLA. He did far-infrared observations using a 102-cm balloon-borne telescope for his PhD thesis, and has since observed with the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, and the space-based COBE, WMAP, Spitzer and WISE missions.

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  1. Amanda Tarbell says:

    Love the Pig! Glad you had people there showing the humorous side of our explorations as well as the deep science!

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