Internet video fail

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I was trying to watch streaming video from KIPAC about the new CDMS results but the video froze at “Opening the Box” and stayed frozen until it came back on just as the Conclusions slide was taken down. So I spent 50 minutes and still don’t know what the results are!

UPDATE: I would have done much better to monitor the live blogging at
Cosmic Variance. 2 events seen against a background of 0.66. 23% probability to exceed by chance. Move along people, there is nothing to see here.

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Ned Wright, 65 years old, is a professor at UCLA. He did far-infrared observations using a 102-cm balloon-borne telescope for his PhD thesis, and has since observed with the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, and the space-based COBE, WMAP, Spitzer and WISE missions.

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