Ned Wright

65 years old, born in Washington, DC, USA
Edward L. (Ned) Wright is Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA. His PhD thesis at Harvard involved the construction and first observations with a 102-cm balloon-borne far-infrared telescope. He was a Junior Fellow in the Harvard University Society of Fellow, and then a professor in the MIT Physics Department before moving to UCLA. He was scientist-in-charge of science data processing for COBE, the COsmic Background Explorer, and he is now a co-investigator for the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) which has been making a detailed study of CMB temperature differences around the sky since its launch in 2001. He is also an interdisciplinary scientist on the Spitzer Space Telescope, launched in 2003, and the Principal Investigator on the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer which launched in late 2009, and has completed an all-sky survey in the thermal infrared.

Place of work: UCLA Physics & Astronomy

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Website:Ned Wright’s Cosmology Tutorial