Screaming winds

A piece of Mars: This image is way up high on the Tharsis Montes on Mars, at an elevation of 5900 m (19,350 ft). At night the wind comes screaming down from some of the tallest mountains in the Solar System: Pavonis Mons at 14,000 m (45,900 ft) and Arsia at 16,800 m (55,100 ft).

South polar dunes

A piece of Mars: The blue structures are rippled dunes found not far from the south polar cap of Mars. They are probably partially active, enough to create the fine ripples found on and between the dunes. But the steeper bluish slopes on the right are pitted and rough, which is not characteristic of actively


A piece of Mars: Topography makes for great landscapes. It also funnels winds, forcing dunes and ripples along particular pathways. Here a cliff (high ground is yellow) has forced low-lying, dark ripples to migrate up a slope at the end of a box canyon. (ESP_032069_1525, NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)