A Visit to the Biak – Where the Rainbow Ends

Where the Rainbow Ends
Where the Rainbow Ends

Last month i went to Biak, a small island on the most north-east edge of Indonesia, but this trip was different from my previous visit, so i just tell story about what i have seen there from my last visit. Where is Biak island anyway? Biak is a small island located in Cenderawasih Bay, near the northern coast of Papua province, and is just northwest of New Guinea. Biak is the largest island in its small archipelago, and has many atolls, reefs, and corals. If someone has interest in ocean adventure, Biak island is a good place to visit.

In its glorious day, Biak island was a prosperous place, because its airport, Frans Kaisiepo Airport was a transit place between Jakarta to Los Angeles. But currently, the flight trip no longer serviced, seems the Biak island deserted. At least the ruin of Marau Beach hotel can tell a story about previous glorious life in Biak island.

The Ruin of Marau Beach hotel
The Ruin of Marau Beach hotel

World of Glass

Four hundred years ago, Galileo utilized glasses, turned them into telescope and turn his eyes to the sky, since that time, human saw the universe with new perspective. Almost, forty years ago, still, using employ the glass, but in different way, known as television, human saw man landed on the moon, and since that time,

The Quest for New Observatory in Eastern Indonesia

Tempus fugit, seems the phrase fits to the situation that revolves around me. True that in such an instant i realize that we already in March 2009! I guess time flies as we realize it or not, the time will move on in its own pace. What have i done recently? The largest proportion of course because of my works, the mounting of paper works, the routinity of observations (in my office), and another project with my fellow from Bosscha observatory. And not to forget project related to IYA 2009, like ‘The Asian Stars Project‘ (compiling the local star-lore). Another project related to archaeo-astronomy on studying Borobudur (as an ancient observatory?).

Not just astronomy, like anyone else, i enjoy the excitement of life, like sports, musics, etc. Maybe we are still in rainy season, so i can not go out toplay tennis, but, hey, i still play chess inside sometimes. But to enjoy sports oftenly we don’t have to do that by ourselves. We can enjoy sports by watching it!

What is the best entertainment show in the world? The answer is, Soccer game!  I always enjoy the game, either local (Persib! Persib!), european leagues (English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Lega Calcio, Bundes Liga, Champion League, you name it). Sometimes boxing also can be fun (congratulation to Chris John for retaining his title, regardless the last one he retain it by a draw vs Rocky Juarez). Btw, i hope Manchester United won’t cancel their plan to visit Jakarta, or i will miss a very exciting game!

What will become the world without music? (At least for me). I might be a bad musician, but i always very fond of music since my childhood. I also involve in Karawitan (Javanese music orchestra), and regularly reherseal every Thursday. Well, those are how things go on regular basis for me.

Now, among those things, there is one thing that keep captivates me. I involve in the team who study the possibility for building new observatory in eastern Indonesia. How many observatories in Indonesia currently? Why have to be in eastern of Indonesia? Why is it so important to build a new one?