Start of P83

April 1st was the deadline for submission of observing proposals for ESO telescopes. I managed to submit my main proposal quite early on, the other collaborative ones were done last minute , while some new projects which looked like a good idea came to a halt once we started writing the proposals. That was when we realised that we havnt quite done enough background work before we can justify asking for time on the big telescopes…that happens!

First Ticket

This week I got my first USD problem report ticket from a user – it was an easy question, in fact the user managed to find the solution themselves! When communicating with the user (which is by email) I was thinking what tone to use and how to address them. I mean the user is another professional astronomer, so do I address them as Dr. XXX or simply say Hello? When I was a “user” before starting work at ESO I preferred the informal way – it made me feel comfortable to ask more questions, but now at the other end of the table I feel I should be more formal when representing ESO / USD…hmmm

Another USD astronomer

Another week is coming to an end. This week I made a start on the “duty” aspect of my job.

To further clarify, at ESO most astronomers are working partly for the Observatory and the other part on their own research. The amount of time they spend on each part varies on each persons position here. As an ESO fellow here at the ESO headquarters in Garching near Munich, my “duty” is set upto 25% of my time and the rest of time is for my own research.